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God's Own Country

 "Bushmen And Heroes" - Tony Gunter

In the tradition of Henry Lawson and 'Banjo' Paterson, Tony Gunter uses vivid stories and images expressed in Australian bush verse to challenge and encourage us in our Christian faith.

Tony explores the tragic and ordinary experiences of Australian life with a sense of wonder that God is there in it all. From the story of a Sydney man with a piece of chalk to revival in the bush, from a trucker challenged by grace to a confrontation at a highway crash, from heroes that aren't to a deadly police shoot-out (see Choose This Day), "Bushmen And Heroes" is authentic Australian faith given life in a gentle but uncompromising way.

As Tony says "I want people to believe they can be a fair dinkum Christian and a fair dinkum Aussie and neither is in conflict with the other".

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"Hi Don. Just happened to be listening to God's Own Country on Saturday and the poetry really blessed my socks off. Mate, I cried a couple of times, really felt that those words of Tony's were close to God's heart. I have a couple of friends that I reckon will love these CDs."    (GOC listener - ACT, Australia)

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God's Own Country


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