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 "The Work Of A Carpenter" - Greg McDougal

Greg McDougal is a musician, a carpenter and the father of four children…three of whom have been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and are in need of a special allergen free home. 

When Greg realized this urgent need, he simply prayed and begged God for an answer. ‘The Work of a Carpenter’ is the product of his cry for help, 12 God given songs that he’s recorded to sell in order to provide for his kids. God is showing Himself mighty in this endeavor.

The CD is an acoustic treasure of songwriting by a guy doing what he can for his kids. When you hear it, you’ll be overwhelmed by the honesty and nobility of such a cause and then you’ll hear the music and it will stay with you!

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"These are moments to treasure. Brilliant!

Each of the 12 inspirational ballads on this well-packaged, well-motivated CD set is distinctive for easy poetry and profound truth, effortlessly elucidated! A cut above most acoustic-based albums, Greg has a polished country-folk feel to his recording.

Here’s gentle music for ‘thinking people’ delivered intelligently with classical ease! Great gentle musicianship combined with a good voice makes for an edifying album where the lyrical themes and expressions are forefront, without digression."
(Paul Davis - NCM)




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